9:00 and 10:30

What is church like at Calvary?  It unfolds something like this:

We greet one another as we come in.  There is no dress code and most people are casual.  Some folks grab a cup of coffee and visit for a few minutes in the Fellowship Foyer while others get kids settled into the nursery or a class.  We make our way to the worship center.  Some folks are smiling and chatting; others are sitting in quiet meditation; others are clustered in prayer.  A countdown is playing on the screen.

A band leads us with a blend of contemporary music and some traditional elements.  We often have a brief personal story, video vignette, or ministry update.  We also have a time of personal reflection and prayer, plus monthly Communion.  We have a 30-35 minute message designed to be biblical, engaging, and relevant.

The service only lasts 60-70 minutes, but the impact of the service continues.  We have experienced grace, encouragement, challenge, growth, and love.  We are renewed, enriched, and changed, as we honor God in worship and affirm our faith in Jesus.

You are invited to join us in the experience of worship and in the journey of faith.


Calvary Bible Church is Located
2 1/2 Miles East of Rt. 50 on Armour Rd

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